Customer Testimonials

"I would like to happily inform you that I could not have been more pleased with [your auditor]. I found him fair, informative, a good resource, and a good guy. I learned quite a bit from him, he offered up some good suggestions. I have been involved with the Quality side of things for a few years now, but this was the first time ever coordinating the audit efforts myself, I did learn a ton. So, to keep it brief, you guys did a great job, [your auditor] did a great job, very satisfied with the end result." - Joseph Y., De Pere, Wisconsin USA Client

"Thank you so much!! Your [auditor] is so wonderful and such a great teacher. She really helped me understand the process and feel more confident in it." - Madison W., Griffin, Georgia, USA Client

"Thanks for everything. One of my last tasks as ISO MR this was a real success.  It is obvious to the management team that the switch to Husk Registrars really added value to our ISO certification.  We will take your recommendations to heart.  I wish you continued success and a prosperous new year." - David S., Illinois, USA Client

"Your auditor is doing a great job!  I have really noticed his attention to detail, not setting on “This is how I do that”.  He is looking for that objective evidence (Work Instruction, Forms, Procedures) to support each process he is auditing.  When I was with [our other registrar] this did not happen, it was more of just checking a box. One of the main reasons on why I switched registrars was to get something new in the facilities, a different set of eyes looking at the quality system.  Your auditor does a very good job on getting the data to validate the QA system." - Joel E.-Platteville, Wisconsin, USA Client

"What a GREAT ISO Audit Experience. We were impressed from the start to the end. Great professionalism with our auditor and the thorough examinations of our many processes. Being that we were transferring Registrars I was a little nervous on what we may be up against, but Husk Registrars made the transition very seamless. PMI is glad to have Husk Registrar as a member of our team. Thank You Husk Registrars!" - Brian S. Bloomer, Wisconsin, USA Client

"Husk Registrars makes the ISO process very easy." - Diane H., Laurens, Iowa Client

"Thank you, Husk Registrars, for everything the last two days. We appreciate your professionalism and your knowledge in the audit process." - Brian S., Bloomer, Wisconsin, USA Client

"I don't know how you guys know everything that you you do, but you have made us a better business and the ISO process was incredibly smooth." - Javier S., Oceanside, California USA Client

" The auditor was EXCELLENT during the audit. It was my first time through the full audit process. I’ve been involved with segments, but never the whole thing. I felt like in addition to the audit the auditor was able to educate me on a number of things which I really appreciated from a learning standpoint. He’s always been very good to work with, and he did not disappoint this time." - Brandon L., De Pere, Wisconsin, USA Client.

"Thank you for the audit time yesterday.  If I didn’t tell you before I should have.  I totally enjoy your audit style and professionalism during the audit." - Connie H., Clintonville, Wisconsin, USA Client

"All the people here, who either directly or indirectly make the ISO process as robust as it is here at D&S Machine, are to be credited with the success of a fine level of conformance to the ISO 9001:2015 system.  [Your Auditor] was extremely informative and helpful in objectively reviewing our ISO 9001:2015 level of continuity and continues to be considered another asset." - John E., Luxemburg, Wisconsin, USA Client

"Thank you so much in being a great partner and an extension of our Quality System. It is great to be working with such a solid group as Husk Registrars is on our Registration. Looking forward to the next one." - Brian S., Wisconsin, USA Client

"Thank you Husk Registrars. We appreciate your attention to detail, as it truly helps to make us a better organization." - Jim B., Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA Client

"I really like your company’s personal, friendly approach to the entire process.  We believe this will be a very good fit and are looking forward to, not only the audit process, but also the knowledge sharing and “lessons learned” from [Husk's] wealth of experience." - Tom N., Wisconsin, USA Client.

"Thanks so much for taking time to look through everything and offer such insightful ideas with your audit. We really appreciate your expertise and care and look forward to seeing you" - Michele S., De Pere, WI, USA Client

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